Crossroads 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A Yoga Alliance-Registered 200 hour Hatha* Yoga Program

Directed by Crystal Sullivan PT, ERYT500, C-IAYT and Shelley Nyren OTR/L, ERYT500, C-IAYT.

CrossRoads Registration and Waiver Revision

*Training includes Gentle, All Levels, Yin, Power, Restorative, Vinyasa and an Intro to Kundalini Yoga.

THROUGH DECEMBER 2021, WE ARE OFFERING OUR 200HR YTT INDIVIDUALLY AND VIRTUALLY FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR A MORE TRADITIONAL 1:1 MENTORSHIP EXPERIENCE…..This is a combination of real-time practices/lectures/discussions/mentoring and pre-recorded material (lifetime access).

Cost for the ONLINE program is $2400 PIF or $2700 (payment plan). Tuition includes access to CrossRoads digital manual. Subject to CT sales tax.

What our ONLINE grads are saying….

“CrossRoads YTT covered a variety of topics and has experienced and knowledgable instructors. The instructors made you feel comfortable to ask all questions, provided feedback for improvements, and was willing to help with any question that arose. They built an online community of classmates during the pandemic and did so gracefully. Upon graduation, I immediately felt confident and ready to be able to teach. I am so thankful for their time, work, and effort to make their program so inclusive.” (-m)

“This was a rich and comprehensive program, covering yogic principles and philosophies, pranayama, ayurveda, 50 asanas, history of yoga, and meditation. Reading materials were relevant and engaging, and teachers were passionate and knowledgeable.” (-t)

“Without a doubt I would highly recommend CrossRoads Yoga Teacher Training to someone who is interested in teaching Yoga as well as learning about Yoga. The instructors are not only extremely knowledgeable about Yoga, but they take the time to ensure that each of the students enrolled in their program are supported and are not left with any questions. With that being said, the overall curriculum is extremely expansive, detailed and taught through multiple ways so that a well rounded understanding of Yoga is delivered. Finally, the instructors did an amazing job adapting and teaching virtually through the pandemic.” (-a)

YogaAlliance Without exception, there will be no refunds or credits available once matriculation begins. Please understand our cancellation policy is firm.

*Add’l required readings: “How Yoga Works” (Roche and McNally), “The Key Muscles of Yoga” (Ray Long), “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” (translated by Chip Hartranft) and “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” (Deepak Chopra).

Contact us at 860.628.1302 or e-mail for more information.

Upon completion of all required modules, 180 Contact Hours, 20 Non-Contact Hours, a passing grade on an open book/written exam and a successfully led one (1) hour practicum, students will be awarded Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status in accordance with Yoga Alliance Standards.

Areas of Study Include: Techniques, Training & Practice — Teaching Methodology — Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology — Yoga Philosophy, History and Ethics — Yoga Practicum

The aim of CrossRoads Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is to spread yoga’s message via thoroughly trained and certified teachers who will teach students how to care more deeply for themselves, lead their highest possible lives and encourage others to do the same. With attention paid to all aspects of the person, this training program will focus on creating competent teachers who will safely guide their students through a process of self-inquiry and personal growth. Some will come with an interest to teach and some will come who simply want to take the next step on their journey.


Techniques, Training and Practice

50 Basic yoga Asanas-alignment, benefits, contraindications

Principles of Vinyasa/ Sun Salutations/ Moon Salutations

Taking Flight (The Mechanics of Head/Handstand & Shoulder stand; alignment/safety considerations, preparatory poses, and modifications)

Principles and Practice of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra

Meditation/Mantra/Guided Imagery/Visualization/ Pranayama

Teaching Methodology 

~Principles of Preparation, Theme and Flow

~The Art of Sequencing

~Elements of a Workout (Warm-up, Main Practice, Cool Down)

~Use of Accoutrements (Music, temperature, Aromatherapy, etc)

~Avoiding Injury/ Types of Assist

~Use of Props for Varying Skill Levels/Structural Limitations

~Modifications of Poses for varying skill levels/ structural limitations

~Styles of Learning (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)

~”Reading the Room”, Languaging

~Functional Sanskrit,

~Business Aspects of yoga practice

Anatomy and Physiology

~Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy & Kinesiology

~Anatomy of Movement, ~Kinesiology Lab

~Nervous System Anatomy

“Runnin’ on Dunkin”-Anatomy of Stress/HPAA Axis

Anatomy of Suffering/The Five Afflictions (Kleshas)

~Cardio-Respiratory Anatomy/Anatomy of Breath

~Principles of Cardio-Vascular Exercise

~Tending Medical Emergencies

~Common Medical/Orthopedic Ailments/Conditions

~Special Considerations for those with physical/mental/emotional limitations

~Energetic Anatomy

~Pelvic Floor Anatomy


Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics

~Yoga Sutras and The Eight Limbs of Yoga

~Ethics-Living the Sutras On and Off the Mat

~Nutrition for the Yogic Lifestyle

~Healthy Student/Teacher Boundaries

~Ayurvedic Principles and Foundations

~Karma & the Spiritual Quest

~Living your Highest Possible Life/ Encouraging others to do the same

~Yoga and the Twelve Steps,

~“One Path, Many Truths”/ Yoga and Religion/ Conflict vs Co-existence

~Exploring the Bhagavad Gita, Intro to Hinduism, Intro to Buddhism


Practice teaching (Asana/Pranayama), languaging,

building confidence, sharing feedback, and practice assisting.

Non-contact Hour Requirements 20 Hours

~Attend three online Classes with written assignment/questions focusing on use of asana, alignment cues

~Attend Two online Classes with written assignment/questions specific to flow, sequencing and theme

~Design and Teach 2 30-minute classes (at midpoints of study)

~Design and teach a 60 minute Class (toward completion of study)

~Read How Yoga Works and Complete a Written Assignment (can choose alternate text)

~Group discussion/Personal Journeys/Sharing/Journal Prompts

Total Contact Hours 180, Total Non-Contact Hours 20 

Required Readings

Yoga Toolbox for Teachers/Students by Joseph & Lilian LePage (Included with in-person trainings)

How Yoga Works (Roche & McNally)

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Chip Hartranft

The Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long (Scientific Keys, Vol 1)

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

CrossRoads Registration and Waiver Revision