Class Descriptions

At SoulSpace, our instructors pride themselves on being able to adapt to any student, regardless of experience level. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do yoga…it’s all good. Every body is welcome! Private instruction available on request.

All Levels Flow Yoga A series of poses (asana) designed to relieve stress and connect movement with breath (vinyasa) while increasing strength and flexibility. Attention is paid to foundational principles of yoga as well as alignment. The moderate intensity class will provide a challenging workout but can be modified for those seeking a gentler experience.

Classic Indian Yoga-This class will be for all levels and will introduce the practices in a more Hindu-based, authentic, traditional yogic manner.

Chair Yoga A gentle practice that will include a sitting and standing practice from (and with) a chair. There will be no floor activities included.

Gentle Yoga With emphasis on foundational yogic principles, breath work, gentle static and dynamic postures, this class will quiet the body and mind and leave you feeling calm, refreshed and a bit taller.

Gentle Flow Yoga Using gentle flowing movements to link breath and postures. Focusing on alignment, flexibility, and strength. Perfect for all levels of experience and flexibility.

Kundalini Yoga Same goals as traditional yoga (vitality, peace of mind, spiritual connection) with emphasis on kriya (repetitive action/asana), mantra, pranayama and meditation. This class is a bit more intense than traditional hatha and some experience with yoga is suggested. However, KY at SoulSpace will always be taught inclusively and with lots of options.

Restorative Devote a whole class to letting go of stress. Restorative poses and extended deep relaxation experience will melt it all away. Emerge with a quiet mind, a relaxed body and the powerful energy created by releasing the body’s tensions. Appropriate for all levels.

Sadhana Morning practice that includes centering, an inspirational reading, breathwork, asana/sun salutations, mudra and meditation.

Yin Yoga A style of yoga that emphasizes health and stimulation of non-contractile connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, fascia). The class is comprised primarily of hip and spine opening poses that are held for longer-than-usual periods of time (2-5 minutes). A beautiful way to bring quiet to the mind and a sense of lightness to the body. Appropriate for all levels.

Yocovery A recovery themed yoga class incorporating breathwork, gentle body movements and meditation, followed by a discussion ‘meeting’ where all are encouraged to share their experience, strength & hope. Open to anyone struggling with their own or a loved one’s destructive, addictive behavior in any form. All are welcome, the only requirement is an open heart & an open mind. Karma class, no class fees…please give what you can.